The PopViz philosophy

PopViz offers tailored renderings that use uniqueness, humor, pragmatism, and sometimes irony, to highlight the design and the location of a project, things that in a classical context will definitely make your building pop*.


PopViz brings forth and enhances the unique character hidden in every building. We make architectural visualizations that pop*.


PopViz is located in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria.


PopViz was created out of passion for architecture, design and photography, and a pragmatic look at life paired with some humor and irony.

The heart and mind of PopViz

Mihai Pop is the mastermind behind PopViz. 

Pop has been interested in the latest aesthetics and concepts in architectural visualisations since his university studies, where he trained as an architect. 

He has a vast experience in architecture, design and photography, which makes him know where to look for the most interesting elements in a building. 

Pop’s passion in architectural photography gives him an advantage in creating beautiful stories through the images created by PopViz.